Sunday, January 31, 2016

A really bad day

Bleh what a bad day I had yesterday, and it started out so good.

Kalle came over and we plugged in the dishwasher and everything worked just fine. While it did the dishes we went to Elgiganten. I never goes anywhere while the dishwasher  or the washing machine is on, but nothing has ever happen so why should it now?

I got a new router, the one I got can't handle all the phones and computers at the same time. Kalle found a router online and I got it for a good price. We get back home happy.

When I got home there is water all over the floor, a lot of water. It's a whole in the tube to the dishwasher. Noooo! So Kalle and I had no other choice but to throw it out, and Lilith wanted to cry. So now I have to do the dishes by hand until I have saved up for a new one.

We connect the router and everything is fine, at first. Then the wifi starts to go down for both me and Kalle. Not for the munchkins or J though. Kalle and I have the same phones, so something with them and the router isn't good. It ends with me turning of the wifi on the phone. So I went from a dishwasher and a  new router to no router and doing the dishes by hand.

Kalle is soon on his way over here with his router, that we know can handle our phones so we know for sure if the problem is with the router and not my walls or anything like that. But I don´t think so because then the munchkins and J whould have a problem too.

Later we are going home to my mother. She is having a candle party and I have to get a new lamp for my wax melts. Leo broke mine by accident. Normally candle parties isn't for me but now I don't have much choice. I have checked all the stores down town but haven't found anything. Oh, I found one I bought before but that one ended with me having wax all over my table. And it's ugly. So now I have to ruin myself with one from Partylite.


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