Thursday, January 21, 2016

So much noice

Finally Thursday! That means that it´s only one day left until Friday and the handymen goes home for the weekend so we'll have some peace and quiet. Right now it's a terrible noice. And I had planed to go back to bed after the munchkins had gone to school. But if I'm lucky it will settle down soon.

I have made an appointment. Sunday 8-10 pm. The munchkins are going to their dad for the weekend so I like to sleep in so I do the laundry at night. My washing machine doesn´t work during the renovation so then it's the laundry room for me. Plus that me and J are booked all saturday, and on friday I have a meeting in the middle of the day so it will be hard to find an open spot in the laundry room then.

Today they are coming to take down the fan over the stove. But they won't put a new one just yet. It will be exciting to cook today without a fan. I don't know when they will put up a new one. We will see.

Now it's time to make sure the munchkins get to school then I will get back in to bed for a while, it's finally quiet at home. I hope it continues that way.

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