Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's about time

Oh I´m so tired, vi didnt go to sleep before 2 am. And then back up again when the alarm went of at 7 am.

Today I'm finally getting my nails done. De look so ugly! I haven't done them since December 2th so it's really about time. I got a giftcard for christmas from my mother so I called yesterday to make an appointment. And I get to spend some time away from home with all the noice from the renovation.

When it's 4 pm and all the handymen has left for today I'm so gonna curl up on the couch and enjoy the silence. Maybe sleep for an hour before it's time to make dinner.

Tonight it's time for the last episode of Pretty Little Liars and then a movie in bed with J. We always watch movies in bed every night. It's so much nicer than to sit on the couch. And you can cuddle a lot better in bed as well. We are watching the second movie in the Underworld series. We watched the first one last night.

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