Friday, January 22, 2016

I hope something will happen

Finally friday! The last day with all the noice at home before the weekend when there will be peace and quiet. Almost to quiet since the munchkins are going to their dad for the weekend so it will be just me and J at home.

Today I'm meeting with my new case worker. My old one quit so I got a new one. Good! Mine has had over a year to find and internship but nothing has happend. That's not ok. I hope something happens soon. At 1 pm we are meeting at the library.

I had to call the janitor about it beeing so cold here. Tonight we had 15 degrees celcius in the beedroom. No radiators is on in the whole apartment. And it has been like that the whole time. Lucky for us we got a termo blanket to put over the sheets and that we are sleeping close to each other. I love to spoon.

Maja didn't go to her basketball practice yesterday. She coughs almost the whole time and has a sore throat. And there will be no physical education for her today either.

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