Monday, January 18, 2016

Now it's happening

So now the weekend is over and the alarm goes of at 7 am again. Bleh!

Today the renovation in the bathroom and the toilet. Five weeks we have to look forward to. They have already been here and looked and soon they will come to put in the temporary floor in the hallway.

Usually I get back in bed after the munchkins and J has left but that's not happening today. It's gonna be a lot of noice when they tear down the bathroom so I don't know what I´m gonna do. Besides going to the yard next to mine to have a shower. Yes, it's over there they have put up showers and bathrooms. Eventually they will put up showers and bathrooms on our yard too.

Yesterday Kalle was here and helped me with the hallway. Omg, we worked really hard. After I was so tired that I could have gone to bed when the munchkins did. But me and J got in bed at a reasonable time for once. Kalle also took the cats with him so now it feels so empty at  home.

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