Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chaos deluxe

Today I first woke up at 9 am. I got up, had a smoke and went back to bed again. Woke up at 11 am when Js alarm went off. We stayed in bed and cuddled for a while before we got up.

Yesterday Lilith was pissed. J didn't show up until 9.30 pm. Så it was a bit of a tension here. I asked him why he was so late, and he said that before I had said that he could come when ever. I told him that it was when his friend Johan was here and he didn't know when he was going home. Then he said that what ever, we still would have time to do what we should. So I got pissed and got out for a smoke. What we would have time to do was watch a movie and then go to sleep. When I got back in we watch the rest of the movie and didn't say a thing. Then I said that he was stupid and pointed out that we see each other less now when we are together then before and he promised that it wouldn't happen again. So we will see when he gets here today.

Today Kalle is coming over. First he is gonna dye my hair, it's long overdue. Then we need to empty the hallway for the renovation that is starting tomorrow. They are gonna put in a temporary floor so they won't damage the floor that is there. They are renovating the bathroom and the toilet. For five weeks! I'm gonna die. Then we need to empty the bathroom and the toilet so we will keep busy today. J should have helped but he decided to go swiming with a friend. I guess you could do that insted of helping like you said. Kalle is also taking home our cats, they are gonna live with him during the renovation.

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