Monday, January 25, 2016

New phone and a sick Maja

I didn't get any laundry done yesterday. Even though the power was on neither the washer or he dryer worked. I think it's because of the renovation, because the power to the front door doesn't work on weekends either. So I'm gonna try again today 2-6 pm.

My new phone has arrived! So Kalle is coming by with it later. We had to order it in his name because I only had cash and couldn't pay it with my credit card so he was nice enough to do that. So after work he will get it and come here with it. Up until then my job is to empty this phone. It's mostly pictures. Some pictures are gonna go on the computer and some on the new phone. All my print screens are going in to my new phone.

I got a sick Maja home this morning, no school for her. She has just been on the couch all day and is to tired to do anything. She is so pale but with red cheeks. No basketball practice for her today. She complains of a sore throat and a head ache and is coughing like crazy.

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