Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shower and the laundry room

God how nice it was to get some sleep. But I have been waking up on and off so it haven´t been that much sleep anyway. So I'm still a bit tired.

Today I'm gonna do laundry. 6-10 pm. Oh how much fun! Not. I miss my washer. J went swiming with a friend so we'll see when he comes back. I have som stuff to do around here as well while waiting for the laundry. But I guess I'll have time to curl up on the couch under the blanket.

I texted a friend yesterday about having a coffee today but she hasn't texted me back yet so I don't think that will happen. To bad, we haven's seen each other for a wile. I guess I'll stay at home in my sweat pants insted.

No I'm gonna go get ready to go down to the showers. They are really small so you'll have to be an acrobat to shave you legs. It's always an adventure.

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