Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Got a new love

Yesterday I finally got the laundry done. So I guess that the laundry room is like the power to the front door, it doesn't work on weekends. Oh God I'm so tired of this renovation allready.

My new phone arrived yesterday! But we had some problems getting it to work. At first it wouldn't connect to Googles servers so I couldn't download any apps. Then the sim card was to big so Kalle had to go to Tuna Park and the Telenor store so they could cut it to the right size.

My head got so tired with fixing everything, it took an hour or two. Find and download all the apps, remember username and passwords for everything and so on and so on. But I finally got it all done. But I was so tired that we went to bed around 11 pm and I was sleeping before midnight.

Today it's the breakfast group for me. I would rather just get back in to bed and go back to sleep but nope, that ain't gonna happen. After the breakfastgroup I was gonna go home to my aunt and help her with her tablet but I got a sick Maja at home and don't wanna be away more than I have to so we have to do that some other time.

My new love

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