Saturday, January 23, 2016

What a great weekend

Oh what a great day I had yesterday. If you don´t think about that the  munchkins went to their dad for the weekend and isn't coming home until monday.

At first I met with my new caseworker. We met at the library. It's a small world because as it turned out he went to school with my big brother. So we talked about that for a while. Then we got started with what he is helping me with. Since I have been waiting so long he is making me a priority so starting monday he is gonna look for a place for me to be.

It took about an hour and then we were done. I went looking in stores since we were down town and was lucky enough to find a great looking t-shirt. I never find clothes if it's not on the internet because they don't have my style here. And it was free since I had a gift card I got for christmas. Thank you!

Then I went home where there was peace and quiet, no handymen. So I was gonna take a nap on the couch under the blanket for an hour but J texted me that he was coming over so that didn't happen. The rest of the night was all cuddling and watching tv shows and a movie. We watched the second movie of Underworld.

Today we are going to Tuna Park, a big mall. I still have gift cards left from christmas and my birthday to spend. J is in the shower and then it's my turn to get ready. Then we are going. I guess we will be a Tuna Park for a while since Lilith are gonna try to decide what to buy. The we end the whole thing with dinner at Ming Palace. A date. How nice. Then we are going home and spend the rest of the day in bed under the blanket and watching a few tv shows and a movie.

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