Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No dishwasher

Today they came to change the water faucet in the kitchen so for now I don't have my dishwasher. Bleh! I need a new nozzle, the old one didn't fit. So we'll do that when Kalle has the time. I hope tomorrow. The good thing is that on this faucet I can flush water at the same time I'm doing the dishes, I couldn't with the old one.

Today I don't have that much to do. Gonna get ready and go grocery shopping. Today we are having lasagna, my little brothers favorit food here. Lucky for him he is coming today and having dinner with us. He will bring the clothes that I orderd so now the whole family has pants again. I got sweat pants for me, I only have 2 pairs. You don't get far with that. And not now when I don´t have my washer so I have to go down to the laundry room and only have 10 appointments every month.

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