Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hopefully today

There was a change of plans last night. J didn't go out last night so we spent the night in bed watching tv shows and cuddling. It was around 1.30 am before we finally went to sleep.

Now the munchkins are away, they went to Kalle to see the cats. I would have loved to come because I miss them but I got stuff to do. I need to do the dishes (bleh!), try and pick up everything that is out of place here and go grocery shopping with J before he leaves. But he'll come back later, lucky me.

Kalle is gonna drop of the kids later and then we will hopefully be able to use the dishwasher, if the nozzle fits. I´m so tired of doing the dishes by hand. It will be great to have my dishwasher back even if it's ugly as hell.

Now I need to get going so I get something done. J keeps asking when we are going to the grocery store.

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