Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Still kind of happy

I cancelled the meating with Leos teacher, since Maja had been sick and I didn't know if it was the stomach flu or not. So better to be on the safe side. But she hasn't thrown up anymore. Strange. But she do have a cold insted.

I had to work late so he came over late, but it didn't matter. At least he came. And that's all that matters. The kids were sleeping when he came so they missed him since he left at 5 am for work. And as usual I was up at that time. This is starting to annoy me! Didn't like him leaving either but he has a long drive to work from here.

Tuesday today and that means the breakfast group for me. I so don't feel like going but I need to go to the pharmacy anyway. Took my last sleeping pill last night so I still have to go down town. And since I'm up I might as well go.

After that it's time for the usual, to get something for dinner. Oh how I suck at this. At one point in my life I was great at it, believe it or not. I loved to cook and could spend hours planning meals.

Making Danish panncakes for dinner

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