Monday, February 9, 2015

Shit happens

The basketball cup didn't go that great yesterday. The first team the met was two years older, so they lost of course. The last team played so dirty with pushing, using their elbows and that kind of thing, so Majas team lost again.

The to my dad for his birthday! My little brother was there to and as always when him and me are in the same room things got out of hand and we had so much fun! He's the best little brother you can have, and he seems to think I'm an ok sister (use google translate).

Back home with a Maja who just gets worse and worse and goes to bed right before 7 pm! That has never happened. When I was texting with I the explanation came, she threw up. But just once so I'm not sure if it's the stomach flu or something she ate. I'm just about to start the washer with the rug she threw up on. Thank God for my own washer. But she hasn't thrown up anymore, and that's strange. It has to be something she ate.

At 8.45 am I'm having a meeting with Leos teacher. Nothing special, just to see how he is doing. I'm not worried. The last time went great and it will this time too. Then home and clean. Really clean! Lilith is getting a visit later from I. Nothing special, we are just hanging with each other. Having fun together and that kind of stuff.

And today my Leo is coming home! How I have missed him. Talked to him on the phone yesterday and I miss him so much. So we will be cuddling this afternoon. And we'll see how Maja feels.

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