Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I finally got it!

I finally got some sleep!! Didn't wake up at 5 am, got up at 6 am when the alarm went off. And started the day with a text message that made me happy.

Today I'm gonna babysit my cousins youngest while she is getting her hair cut. It's about time, she needs to do stuff like that and spend some time on herself. She was gonna come get me but I'll think I'll walk. Since I don't have time for a powerwalk today.

Then it's the usual. Get some dinner, do some cleaning and laundry. Groundhog day all over. Thank god for my cousin who makes it a bit easier, since we talk like 6-8 hours on the phone every day. Yup, it's posible.

What to do when you are bored

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