Thursday, January 29, 2015

Some girl time

Great, Lilith messed up last night. I have big problems when it comes to sleep, so I get medication for that. One works really fast and I get tired right away and the other one takes about an hour or so. Right now I'm on the ones that works really fast, I alternate. So when it was time for bed last night I went out to the kitchen to get my meds, and there aren't any left. I have forgot to get new ones. So what did I have left? The ones that takes for ever to work so I didn't sleep before midnight. Guess who was pretty tired this morning?

But the munchkins made me coffee this morning and woke me up right before my alarm went off. How sweet of them. It tasted like crap haha, but it's the thought that counts. They always do sweet stuff like that.

I'm gonna have a great day today. Me and my cousin are gonna go and get our nails done. Some girl time! Even though we talk everyday we haven't seen each other for weeks. And I really need to get my nails done, they look terrible.

And tonight it's Mob Wives night! Woho! Lilith loves thursdays! It's the best day of the week, even better than the weekend. Yes, I'm addicted to that show and don't know what I'll do when it's over.

Bye bye christmas nails

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