Friday, January 30, 2015

What a day!

Yey, Lilith finally got some sleep! It was wonderful. I feel like a whole new person.

So what's the plan for today? Lilith is gonna clean the whole apartment, I'm getting a visit from an online friend tomorrow. It's a guy, but it's not a date, we are not that kind of friends. We just have a lot of fun together but we have never had the opportunity to meat before. But now we are.

When the munchkins get of school we are gonna go shopping for the weekend. Which means that I have to come up with something to eat for the whole weekend. I can't even come up with one thing, but not I have to think of three dinners. We already have lunch at home. 

Don't know what to do with the afternoon. I wanna play games but I'm not sure that the munchkins want to. I think they wanna play together when we get home. But before we go to the store Leo is gonna watch Winx, his favorite show. He loves fairies and pixies. 

I had a great time yesterday, but was to tired last night to write about it. My cousin came and got me and then we went down town to the nail salong. They did a great job. Afterwords we did some shopping, I got a new pen for my letters and got some new panties. Good bye granny panties! Then we finished it with lunch before I went grocery shopping and she took me home. I got home just before Maja did. 

Finished the whole day with Mob Wives. What a great episode. Can't wait for the next one. Does any of you watch it? It's on vh1 wednesdays at 9 pm, changing time to 8 pm.

My new nails, left hand


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