Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keep on walking (and reading)

Lilith got a letter yesterday. Yey! So happy. And so surprised since it was tuesday. But there were a lot of mail that I only get on  mondays so I guess they didn't come then. Strange. But happy! He is doing ok and that makes me happy. It was such a hopeful letter.

Today it's, as always, time for my 6 km powerwalk. I can't wait until the snow is gone and I can start running. But until then I'll keep on walking. I hate every second of it but it has to be done.

Then it's time for the grocery store. I need to figure something out for dinner. I only got one thing yesterday so I need something for today. I will have to go through my recipes to find something. Anything. God, I hate cooking. Gonna mail a letter while I'm there as well.

Then home, have a shower and do some cleaning. And wait for the kids to come home. Yesterday they were out plaing in the snow all afternoon and came in in time for dinner. So I started reading a new serie of books. So far so good, I'm on the second book. It's Night World by L.J. Smith. I need to start buying more books because I'm almost out of them. Maybe we'll do some online shopping after the kids have come home.

Books, books, books


  1. Hi Lilith, i admire you for your perseverance. In my head I have always wanted to do exercise or do some walking, but I always have excuses not do do any. Btw, on Mondays on my Blog I post about weekly meal plans, maybe it will give you some idea?
    Hope to see you soon.

    Jo of

    1. I will make sure to check out your mealplan.


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