Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mob Wives night!

I love thursdays! It's Mob Wives night!

I was so tired this morning when the alarm went off that I snoozed until it was time for breakfast. Then Leo was still asleep so he must have been as tired as his mummy. He had a stomach ache so it was late before he went to sleep.

It's half a blizzard outside and Lilith thinks it's a good idea to go for a powerwalk for 5 km. No, Lilith never thinks it's a good idea, I'm never motivated. But I still do it because it has to be done.

I'm thinking of cleaning the kitchen today. Thinking of. I'm running low on books to read so I got nothing better to do in the afternoons. Yesterday we played a board game. Thank you mom for that christmas present! It was one of the worst thing I have ever done. But the munchkins loves that game so I guess we'll play it a lot more. Myself, I love trivial pursuit, we got that from Kalle for christmas. In this family we love board games.

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