Friday, January 23, 2015

Things that makes me feel bad

It has stopped snowing! It makes my powerwalking so much more easier.

Maja came home from practice yesterday and told me she has two games on Sunday! Great! Except that it is in another city. I have a fobia for riding in cars in the winter, long story, so imagine going down the highway. It makes me wanna throw up just thinking about it so I guess I have to miss this one. I feel so bad about it. But she knows how I feel, she has seen me when we go somewhere just here in town. So she said she is ok with it. And she will have Kalle with her to cheer her on.

Leo has his weekend with his dad and is coming home on monday. Maja is still nog going and her dad doesn't seem to care. He hasn't contacted her once and wasn't even going to wish her merry christmas. And she didn't even get one, small christmas gift from him. Like I said, he doesn't care.

So as usual when Leo goes we are gonna have a weekend that is all about her, to make her feel that she is important no matter what her father does, or don't do. That means chips and a movie tonight, she gets to pick what we will have for dinner on saturday (I have already bought todays dinner), and on sunday she has her basketball.

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