Saturday, January 17, 2015

Minute by minute

I have had a little, secret project; quit smoking. I downloaded an app and started the first phase, counting down to the day I would quit. I still had some days left yesterday but thought that if I'm gonna quit I might as well do it right now.

Said and done, when I got up this morning I did not go outside for my morningsmoke. I didn't have a smoke while I was on the phone with my cousin or when I had my second cup of coffee. I'm not saying that I will quit today. I'm saying that I will not have a smoke while I'm finishing this cup of coffee. Then I will try to  not go outside after the shower and so on.

I know that today will be a pain so I have made no plans at all. The withdrawal symptoms Usually gives me a lot of energy so I usually do some therapy cleaning. The last time I quit (and was stupid enough to think I could have just one at a party) I even cleaned the hinges in the kitchen. Today I'm thinking about cleaning the small bathroom. I bet I end up scrubbing the walls or something. 

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