Friday, January 16, 2015

It's going the right way

Starting the day by waking up at five. Fun. If I get up then I will be so tired later today but if I fall asleep again I will just have fell asleep when the alarm goes of and will be so tired right away. How to solve it? You fall asleep and accidentally sleep until half past seven. I blame everything on the fever.

But it seems to have helped me feel a bit more alert I have to say. Which means that I have to catch up here at home with everything that haven't been done while I was sick. Like laundry and cleaning.

Yesterday I was in bed for a whole hour before I was bored. I'm so bad at being sick. Then Leos teacher called, he felt like he was gonna throw up and wanted to come home. But when he came home he wasn't sick, he was tired and wanted hos mummy. So we had a little talk about it's not being ok to do that. I know he was tired because he have had some trouble sleeping the last few days. But you wait until school is over to come home. 

The three of us spent the afternoon on the couch with books. I was to tired to do anything else, and so was Leo. And Maja always want to spend her afternoons with a book. So that was what she did before going to practice. 

The practice went ok. She took it easy and it worked. And during the practice Kalle got me the data I needed to be able to log on to the team site so I can se info about games, taking the team picture and so on. 

But I cancelled mine and Kalles thursday plans. We always watch Mob Wives together after the kids have gone to bed, but I was to tired from being sick so I watched it in bed. Then I fell asleep.

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