Thursday, January 15, 2015

Being single and sick

Being single and sick is an adventure. Especially getting up in the morning. Today I stayed in bed until it was time to wake up Leo and make breakfast. I don't really have that time to lay in bed in the morning.

I'm hoping I have everything for todays dinner. My grocery store had a super sale yesterday and I hope I have the rest of the stuff at home. I do have a letter to post, but it can wait until  tomorrow, then we really have to go grocery shopping for the weekend.

I skipped my powerwalk yesterday. It was to much ice out just going to the store so I would never have gotten all the way without breaking my leg. Twice. And of course they didn't have my ice cream in the store so I had to be without. I think it will be the same today. Insted I was in bed for 2 hole hours being sick. For me that is some kind of record, I suck at being sick. But I did have time for some laundry and some cleaning. Some things have to be done even if you are sick.

Maja on the other hand is feeling so much better that she wanted to try to practice. She also has gym class so she can feel how it feels. Her inhaler is with her just in case, but she haven't needed it so far. There is not much stoping that kid when it comes to practice, just like her mother in her days. And just like my mother did it's my job to put my foot down when she isn't supose to practice.

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