Monday, January 19, 2015

Fuck fuckety fuck

At 4 am my phone started ringing. Four! But considering the different time zones he's allowed to call at that time. The problem was that I couldn't hear if the automatic voice said to press one or five to connect the call so I pressed five. It was wrong. So  no call for Lilith, just a sleepless night. I managed to get back to sleep 15 minutes before I was getting up. Wheee!

Leo got ill yesterday. I guess it was his turn after me and Maja being sick. So no school for that mister today. And he wanted to sleep in his mommys bed, and of course you can when you are sick. Lucky he didn't wake up from the phone and me turning the light on.

My plan for today is to nap! And to drink a lot of coffee to get me through the day. A trip to the grocery store is on the list of things to do today also. Need to get something for dinner and to mail the letter where I explain why his call got rejected.

He just have to keep on calling until I figure out which number to pick to connect the call. The only thing I do not look forward to is to speak english. The only thing I will say will be; yes, no and maybe.

One sick little guy

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