Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Oh God I was tired when the alarm went of this morning, even tho I was a sleep before 10 pm yesterday. I could really feel that I had been up since 4 am. It have never felt so good to slip under the covers and go to sleep.

Tuesday means the breakfast group. Don't feel like it but I have some other errands to do so I might as well go. I need to turn in some papers and are  meeting up with my niece C for a coffee. She had some stuff for me after cleaning out her room. So sweet of her to think of me. And I have to get to the pharmacy as well.

Then it's back home and see if I make it before Maja. Leo is having a shower and I need to do some laundry. I just realised that I have no idea what we are gonna have for dinner, and I need to get to the grocery store. I haven't planed for that one. I might do swedish waffles. 

Leo is free of fever so he can go to school today. Good thing because he was so restless yesterday. Now he gets to go outside and play in the snow.

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