Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The good news continues

Yesterday on the breakfast break when we were talking the branch head (I think she is) Pia said that they were thinking of sending me on a training course for the archive and the system. That it looks like I will stay and it's a good investment for them if I learn everything. I was so happy, that must mean that they are happy with me. Those courses aren't cheap and that they want to send me on one is a good sign.

After the internship I went home to clean all the kitchen cabinets doors. Oh my lord how boring it is. But the end result was good. I got a whole new kitchen. God help the one that spills anything on them now. But I cheated and didn´t do the tops of the cabinets that are over the sink, it wasn't anything there. Didn't feel like taking a chair and climb up and down. So I just took the worst.

Today I will go through the curtains I got from my mom so I finally can remove the garbage disposal bags that's in the living room. They have been there for a while so it's about time. And I will get rid of the old shelf for the bathroom that is in a box and taking up space in the living room. I need to do a little every day so I'm finished for saturday.

Then we have the every day stuff like laundry, cleaning and grovery shopping. I need to think of something to eat. Before I leave. But I still have time, I don't leave  until 8.30 am. J is having a coffee. I played nice girlfriend and made coffee while he was in the shower. I just woke up the munchkins and no it's getting time to get ready and do what needs to be done before it's time to leave.

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