Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally monday

God, how nice we had it yesterday. I didn't pay attention at all to my phone, the comuter and so on and we spent the day in bed cuddling and watching tv shows. It showed on my phone battery when we finally went to sleep, it was almost full. J was just home for a short while to get what he needed for school today and then he came back. During that I had some dinner and then it was back to bed.

Unfortunately there were a big discussion when we were gonna sleep. It didn´t have to be a big deal but as usual J exploded and then it was a big deal. And I can't take it any more, that you can't talk about something without him getting all pissed of and then it's an argument. You should be able to talk to eachother about things that botter you. But it all worked out, we never go to sleep mad, but it's stressfull that it has to come to that every thime.

Monday and it's back to the internship after a long, great weekend. But what it's great is that the kids are coming home! What can be wrong with it being monday then? So after the internetship I need to put on some fresh sheets in their beds. I went grocery shopping on friday so I don't have to do that.

Then I'm thinking of cleaning the kitchen cabinets doors this afternoon. I have been slacking with the home since the internship started so now I feel that I need to get going. I just hope I feel the same this afternoon.

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