Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When your heart breaks

Today it was hard getting up so I curled up with J for a while. That did that I missed some time but what does that matter? What I don't have time to do today I will do when I get home.

Yesterday when I was going to the store the munchkins dad called me, he wanted to talk about Leo. Leo had done something when he was there. He had said to Maja that he wanted to cut himself on a piece of glas he had found on the playground. And he have punched himself hard in the face before. And he says that sometimes he wants to die, and they pick at him in school. My little boy, my heart is breaking! So K had called and talked to a psychologist before he talked to me. And he was gonna call them again to make an appointment when we had talked but they didn't answer so he is gonna call them again today. I'm gonna call the school and they will have to fix this, if needed they will be with Leo all times in school to make sure nothing happens.

When Leo came home I told him that his dad had called and what we talked about. Leo then told me that in gym class someone had thrown his socks in the shower, so he didn't have any on him when he got home. That thing isn't suposed to happen! Where are all the adults and why hasn't anyone seen anything? I'm gonna call the school this morning and book an appointment with the teacher, me and K as soon as possible. This is something they have to figure out, everyone should feel safe at school. I can fight as much as I have to with anyone to make sure that Leo is safe in school. 

I told Leo that his dad and I are gonna do everything we can to make sure that he is ok and that school is good. But for that to happen he needs to talk to us and other adults in school when something happens even if it's hard. But that we are here and we love him and would do anything for him.

Today after the internship I'm going to get some nail oil. I need it to make sure they don't fall off, and I don't whant them to do that. Then it's the bus to the store and get what I need for dinner and then home to do laundry and some cleaning. I'm gonna try and get some time to curl up on the couch because I'm exhausted after yesterday. I tried to rest yesterday but there where thousands of thoughts in my head so I couldn't find peace to do that. So I'll try again today.

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