Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday cuddle

Nope, I did not sit down with a book yesterday. Insted I did something much better, I curled up with J in bed while he was playing with his xbox he has taken here. It was nicer to be in his arms than on the couch with a book. And I didn't do everything at home either, I still got the dishes left for today.

When he was done playing his xbox he went to the grocery store and then it was back in bed to watch two episodes of Sons of Anarchy. We ended the evening with a remake of the movie Evil Dead. Lilith was soooo scared, I scare so easy haha. I can strongly recomend it if you like horror movies!

I'm sitting here waiting for it to be 8 am, because then Leo would come and get his clothes for gym class, he forgot them on friday when he was packing to go to his dad. So he called yesterday to see if I was gonna be home. My love, it was so great to hear his voice. I miss them so much when they are with their dad.

But today is monday, and they are coming home! It's the best feeling in the world, nothing can beat it. To finally see their faces again and curl up on the couch and listen to their voices.

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