Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When everything goes wrong.

Today it went a whole lot easier to get up. It can have something to do with us turning the tv off at 10 pm and started getting ready for bed. Then it took some time to get in to bed but that's another thing.

Since Maja went to her dad for a few hours yesterday and Leo was away with Kalle I curled up on the couch for a nap. It was a really crappy day yesterday, everything went wrong. I had such pms that I felt like crying all day, my thumb nail broke (lucky for me I have an appointment friday), I almost forgot my bag with my bus pass and the key to work, I cut myself on a box how ever that happend, I forgot to take my usual shoes to work and took the boots insted. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The only thing to do then is to take a nap and hope that it's better when I wake up. And it was. Leo came home and has gotten a new phone number at the Telenorstore, since his old card wasn't registered they couldn't se a puk-code so they gave him a new sim-card insted.

Today I have a meeting with my case worker, the boss will be there as well. What ever she will say since she has been on vacation for two weeks. But I'm nervous. What if she isn't happy with me. I hope she is and that I get to stay. I don't think she will say something bad, but of course you worry. It's her opinion that counts the most.

Then when I'm done for the day I'm taking the bus to the grocery store and get something for dinner, don't know what yet. Then home and take care of the home. I need to clean, fix the balcony that I didn't care about yesterday, do laundry that I didn't care about doing yesterday, and just pick up stuff and clean. If I have any time I will read, my books that I was gonna mail the company about finally came so now I have a whole book series to read.

My thumb nail

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