Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy birthday!

The boss was double booked yesteryday so she couldn't be at the meeting with my case worker. Insted one of the teamleaders was with us and he only had good things to say. And when my case worker told him that in the fall it's time to talk about employment he thought it sounded good. I was so happy!

After I was done I took the bus to the store and got what I needed and then home and do what needed to be done there. I did two loads of laundry and fixed the balcony after they painted it before I crashed on the couch and went to sleep for an hour. Maja was at her practice and Leo was with a friend so it was so quiet at home. I wasn't even thinking about going to sleep, I was just gonna lay down and watch some tv. But then I fell a sleep.

Today it's first the internship and then the store. I need to think about something to eat. At home it's not that much to do but I think I'll do som laundry. As always.

Maja has  basketball practice today as well so it will only be me and Leo at home. We'll see if J will be eating here today, he did yesterday. It depends on when he's coming.

And today my little girl has her birthday. 12 years old! How could that happen? It was only yesterday she was a little girl that wanted to sleep in my bed every night and now she only has one year left until she is a teenager.

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