Friday, February 5, 2016

Date night

Nope, it didn't work changing the router. I'm so sick of this. It all ended with my connecting to my new stuff from my internet provider and it has worked this far. So since none of the things we tried has worked I'm getting my old router back and returning the new one. I can do a lot more fun things for that money. 

Tonight me and J are going to the movies. We are gonna see Daddy's home. The munchkins are going to their dad for the weekend so we thought we are gonna have some fun. But it's starting kind of late so we won't have much time left when we get home before we are going to bed. But on the other hand we are child free and is not getting up early tomorrow so we can be awake a bit longer and sleep tomorrow. 

But before then I have some things to do. I need to change the sheets, get ready, do the dishes and some other stuff. Oh, how fun.

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