Friday, November 6, 2015

Finally friday

Good morning everybody! Or, is there such a thing as a good morning?

Friday today! God, I love it. At the moment I'm waiting for the munchkins to have breakfast. After that it's time for them to get ready. When they have left for school I think I'm getting back in to bed for a while.

Getting back in bed next to J. He's in there sleeping. I tried to wake him up a little while back but he refused so I had to get up by myself. I guess he will be sleeping for a few more hours.

When I get back up It's time to get ready and wait for the munchkins to get back home, Maja gets off school at 2.30 pm. When they get back home it's time to go the store and get some chips for tonight and candy for tomorrow and hamburgers for dinner. Then back to do som stuff at home waiting for it to be evening.

Tonight the munchkins and J are watching swedish Idol. Me, I hate that show so I'm getting back in bed and watching Vampire Diaries and Originals.

My little munchkin


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