Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How annoying

Yesterday late afternoon we got a note in the mail saying that today they are gonna wash the outside of the balcony so we should remove eveyrthing we didn't wanna get destroyed, like carpets and that stuff. To be able to remove the carpets you have to remove every furniture out there, and I can't do that alone, some stuff are to heavy for me. So Kalle came over like an angel and helped me. So annoying when we find stuff out in the last minute. 

Today it's finally wednesday, how I have longed for this day! Today J is coming to spend the night. I haven't seen him since sunday so I have really missed him a lot. It will be nice not to fall asleep alone. And to have someone to cuddle with.

But before he gets here I got stuff to do. Laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. And getting the balcony ready again as soon as they have cleaned the outside. But first of all I'm taking a shower.

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