Friday, August 7, 2015

When you don't have any kids at home

My oh my, I woke up early today, before 9 am. That 's early for being me during summer break. But then again I went to bed before midnight.

Today Lilith will be child free for the weekend! Leo is going to his dad and Maja is going to my mother. So what are Lilith gonna do for fun? First of all I'm going to vacuum and do laundry. Then sometime tonight J is coming over. We are gonna watch a movie and cuddle. 

Yesterday we went down town to the park festival to listen to some music. Not my type of music but Leo liked it. It's the kind of music playing on the radio, so not my style.


  1. Haha. Not much out of the ordinary then--apart from the lack of your children's distraction.


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