Monday, February 2, 2015

When I wanna shoot myself

Last nights dinner didn't go as planned, not at all. When I took the minced meat out of the box it wasn't a nice pink/red-ish. No, It was grey and brown. Not how it should look, not even close. So that spoiled the dinner plans big time and I didn't have time to go buy something else. Thank god for left overs in the freezer.

The blizzard is back, so I really don't feel like going out on a powerwalk for 6 km and then to the store. But as Nike says; just do it. With the right clothes it will be ok. And if it's to cold I just have a shower when I come back home.

And then the usual planning of dinner. I just wanna shoot myself. How I hate everything that has to do with dinner. From the planning, to the shopping to the cooking. Not a great SAHM, I know. But I'm not home by choice. And hopefully not for very long. I have texted my case worker about my internship and that she might have to look somewhere else.

Can you have cookies for dinner?

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