Sunday, February 1, 2015

That went great

We had a great time yesterday. He had some trouble finding the way so he came a bit late. The kids loved him and he was great with them. Played games with Maja on her tablet and listened to Leo talking about his My Litle Pony game. And we had coffee. After about an hour he had to get going, he had to drive about 150 km to get home. But it was fun and I do hope we do it again.

Today is planing day, sundays always are. I'm going through my calendar to see what phone calls I have to make and if I have any meatings. I know about two meatings so far.

Then I have to think of dinner, as always. How I hate everything that has to do with food and cooking. I used to love cooking but then I got bored. I tried new stuff but it was still boring. So now I hate to cook. But still have to do it every day.

Don't feel like going out, it's half a blizzard outside. But I need to buy more marsipan anyway. This quit smoking thing is harder then I thought. And it's gonna make me fat haha.

Need to do som grocery shopping


  1. I believe you must be busy every single day. Keep writing. Good read:)

  2. Long drives can be boring but interesting too. I also noticed the Linkin Park sign at the end of your signature, you must be a dedicated Linking Park fan as you have said. :)

    1. Oh I Love Linkin Park. Have two tattoos with Linkin Park songs.

  3. I strongly dislike cooking too! Good luck with quitting smoking (you can do it!)


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