Saturday, February 7, 2015

What's for dinner?

So, this sleeping thing is becoming a problem. Was on the phone chatting last night with I until midnight and then I couldn't sleep until around 1 am. And then I woke up around 5 am the first time. Fun fun fun. But I fell asleep again and slept on and off until 7 am when I got up.

So what's the plan today? Going grocery shopping with Maja, dinner as usual. Maja wanted chicken nuggets today and kebab for tomorrow. Then I don't know. Going around in sweatpants all day. Have to get up early tomorrow so we will just be chilling at home. I have to do some cleaning as well. Have a shower, do some laundry. Talk to I when we have the chance. No, there is nothing going on, we are just talking and having fun.

Nuggets for dinner

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