Sunday, February 22, 2015

The best night

What a great night we had, me and my little brother! We met up a bit after 8 pm because my bus was late. We went and had nachos before going to the pub to listen to rock. And we had so much fun. Nobody can make me laugh like my little brother can. My stomach is hurting today. Texted with I the whole night too. He knows how to make me happy haha.

When the place was closing I took a taxi home and was home a bit after 2 am. So it was straight to bed when I got home. But it took a while before I was able to sleep. So it was a bit after 3 am before I could sleep.

Woke up after lunch, my mother called. She and Maja is having a great time so I don't know when she gets home. I hope I have time to finish my morning coffee and get dressed. It's sweatpants and a zip hoodie today.

This have been such a great weekend. First the movie on friday and partying with my little brother last night. I feel like a whole new person after this weekend. Now I feel that I can be a good parent to the munchkins again. It's important to do stuff you like and enjoy as a parent to be the best that you can be.

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