Monday, February 16, 2015

It's not going the way it should

So, when I finally is able to sleep my cousin calls at 8 am. Thank you! So here I am.

The kids have a one week break from school, so we are just gonna do nothing. Or as usual I'm gonna go to the store to get dinner. I''m so tired of it, can't someone else fix it for once? Of course not.

Maja has her practice later today. Kalle is gonna take her as usual. So nice of him to do that. So it will be just me and Leo home. Maybe we'll play some games before dinner.

I is having some problems making it here. This week he is busy with work and band practice and then his kids are coming thursday. Next week we don't know yet but he will probably be busy with work, but he's busy that weekend when he doesn't have his kids. So it will be about a month before we can see each other. Not that funny. But he will try his best to come here. This sucks.

Maja and Kalle

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