Saturday, February 14, 2015

A big bit unhappy

So, some bad news. I is not coming next week because he's busy with work and his band. See, not that great with him living an 1,5 hours away. So we are looking at about two weeks before he can come. If he doesn't have any plans with work or the band. He has a gig on saturday I found out but there is always friday. He better come then. Or during the week. So Lilith is still a bit unhappy. A big bit unhappy. But hey, shit happens.

Maja is feeling better, so it was right to have her  home frome school for one day. But she is still feeling a bit bad so I guess we will just chill today. I have to get to the store to get dinner, whatever that will be. Hate dinner! And the kids are gonna shower, they "forgot" yesterday. And I need to dye my hair. Don't think that will happen today.

This is what the bathroom looks like after I'm done

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