Sunday, January 25, 2015

My friend Dan

I got a question in a comment about my friend that I write letters to. How he ended up where he is, how we got to know each other and that sort of thing. And I realise that I haven't told you about.

To begin with, his name is Dan, and I guess you have figured that one out. We got to know each other on the internet many years ago and have had contact on and off. The last year it has been a very close contact where we have talked to each other everyday from when he got up in the mornig until I went to bed. Where he lives in the USA they are 6 hours behind here in Sweden.

Then one day he just disappeared. He got kicked out from the house where he lived and also lost his job. They don't have the same laws to protect you from that like we have in Sweden. he tried to find a new place to stay but couldn't, and no shelter either. They were all full. Then we lost contact and almost didn't talk to each other, depending on when he could charge his phone.

Then he disappeared completely. After a while I found out that he was in jail. When you got nothing you do what you have to, to survive. I also got the adress to the jail where he was so I wrote him a letter and a couple of weeks later I got one back, and since then we have been writing to each other. I write a little every day, he seems to like to hear about my everyday life even tho I think it's boring. I get a letter from him every 3-4 weeks, and for some reason I always get them on mondays.

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