Sunday, January 25, 2015

Game day!

Had trouble sleeping last night and still woke up before the alarm. Last time I checked my phone it was 2.30 am and I got up before 10 am. I'm gonna be tired later.

Today it's Majas basketball cup. She is getting picked up in about 30 minutes. And then I will have the whole day to myself. The plan was to go over to my cousin but she and her youngest is sick so that's a big no no. I guess I will do some laundry insted. And then lay on the couch and watch my tv shows.

When Maja gets home it's time for her to go to bed, they will be home late. But I'm hoping we'll have enough time for her to tell me all about her games. I still feel so bad about missing them. But she is ok with it. And I have washed the teams clothes for today, it was my turn the last time.

Yesterday Kalle came over, and told us that he might get a new job. Yey for him! But he wouldn't be able to take Maja to her practice if he got it. So I will have to go with her on the bus to and from practice, she is to young to go that far by herself. It will take about an hour. So we will get home to have dinner when they should be going to bed. But of course she will continue with basketball, it's her whole life.

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