Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time for a meeting

As usual I woke Leo up at 6.30 am so he has time for a shower before school and didn't think about that they are going to the bath-house so he's showering there, so he could stay in bed for another 30 minutes. Insted I went to wake up J and stayed in bed longer than I planed. But its so nice to curl up against him.

Today after my internship I'm taking the bus to the store and then home to drop everything off. After that there is a parent-teacher conference with Maja. I already know that everything is fine but it's one of those things where you as a parent just have to do it. That means that I won't have time to do laundry today but so be it. I got the whole weekend later to do it.

We went to bed late so I'm not too fresh today. So I hope I have time after to curl up on the couch. I did it yesterday but the phone kept ringing and buzzing so I didn't get much rest. Better luck today.

Yesterday Maja was shopping for presents with my aunt. My aunt couldn't come when we celebrated Majas birthday so they went down town yesterday insted. Maja picked three books and some felt pens.

Today my case worker comes to my internship as well. He does it every wednesday. I think it's a bit to often, we don't have that much to talk about when everything is going just fine. I don't think anyone else would come to the meeting either. I do need to inform him on when I'm taking my summer leave so I guess I'll do that today.

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