Saturday, March 19, 2016

All alone

Did I get my chicken salad? No I did not, they were out of chicken. Or they, they had some kind of chicken with chili so I took that insted. Not what I had in mind so it was an anticlimax.

The movie was great. The fun thing is that we were the only ones there, no one else wanted to see that movie obviously. I liked the movie. J did as well, but he was sorry that Norman Reedus wasn't in it that much, but I thought it didn't matter. 

After the movie we took the bus home and got in bed and watched some tv shows until it was time to sleep.

Today we were going to play some pool with a friend, but he hasn't answered yet. Or, him and J was gonna play, I don't. I was just gonna tag along. But it's nice to get out of the house. I try to do stuff like that when the kids aren't home. But now it seems like we are going anyway.

Then we will end the night with a pizza and some tv shows in bed.

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