Monday, July 27, 2015

So nice

I'm sleeping so damn good when I'm sleeping next to J. He came over last night and spent the night. We watched Halloween H20 and Lilith was scared, of course. But a little less scared when I sat with his arm around me. Then we watched a bit of 2½ men to give me a change to cool down a bit. We went to bed around 2 am and fell a sleep at 3 am and then back up again att 11 am. So I'm a bit tired.

Today I should to some laundry and cleaning but don't know if I want to. I'm a bit tired and just wanna exist around the apartment and be happy. Lilith is in a really good mood today.

My mom called yesterday to say that Maja wants to be there every other weekend when Leo is with his dad. Ok! If that is what she wants I guess that is how it will be. Her feelings comes before mine in this case. With my mom it was ok as long as her and her fiance doesn't have anything planed. So it looks like I will be home alone in two weeks again

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