Saturday, March 14, 2015

He's sick again

Leo woke me up at 7 am, he threw up. Again. Wastn't long ago he was sick. So now I'm gonna miss Majas basketball tomorrow. Damn!

Then when I was right about to fall asleep again I woke me up, right before 8. Texted him back and then went back to sleep to 10 am. That felt good.

I don't need to go grocery shopping today woho. Got all I needed for the weekend yesterday, food for the whole weekend. Wasn't easy coming up with dinner for three days but I did it. This blog has turned out to be all about food and dinner.

I'm gonna take it easy today. Put on swet pants and a big hoodie and lay on the couch reading a book. Don't have much cleaning to do so it will go fast. But thinking of cleaning the bathroom. Or play some board games. We'll see. I'm gonna finish my coffee first.

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