Thursday, April 7, 2016

Almost done

Today it was hard getting up, God how I'm longing for the weekend and sleeping in. I just want to sleep!

The meeting with my case worker yesteryday went great. With us was my supervisor for the archive and she was more than happy. She thinks that I'm quick to learn and it's easy for me to understand. I think Lilith was sitting there and looking really happy. Next week the boss are gonna be with us, it will be fun to see what she has to ssay.

When I got home I cleaned the tiles over the stove and then the stove. And then I spilled it again when I was cooking. Just like me. So I had to clean it again.

The rest of the afternoon I spent reading, I didn't sleep on the couch. I got stuck in a biography and was sitting there until it was time to start dinner.

Today it's the bathroom that will be getting my attention. I'm not looking forward to it, lucky for me it's easy to clean. Then I'm pretty much done with everything that I need to get done, only the floors left and I will do them on friday.

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