Saturday, April 30, 2016

I give up

So, I have no desire to spend time translating the blog when I only have 20+ readers every day. For those of you who still continue to read about our lives I have an excellent translator on the Swedish blog where you can continue to read about us.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hard decisions

It was hard getting up this morning. So hard that I went back to sleep as soon as I turned off the alarm. I have been so tired the whole week but don't know why. I need the weekend.

We had a meeting with my boss yesterday and it went great, and not so great. The good thing is that they want to hire me when my mentor retires in the end of September. The bad thing is that it's not full time, only 60% and I won't be able to live on that kind of money. I have to talk to my case worker about that next wednesday. And May 25th we are having another meeting with my boss so I guess we'll talk about it with her as well. I hope we can figure something out so I get to be there full time because I like that place a lot. But I have to be able to pay my bills too.

I went to a parent-teacher conference with Maja yesterday and as always it was all good. She is between 85% - 100% in all classes but gym class. There they are still going by how well they could swim in third grade and she had a hard time with learning how to swim. I think they should be going by what she has done this semester but I guess not.

Today I got a lot to do at home, I was to tired to do it yesterday because I got home late from the parent-teacher conference. I can't wait for tonight when the kids have gone to bed so I can curl up in bed with J and watch some tv shows, be close and just let go of everything I'm thinking about with money and all that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time for a meeting

As usual I woke Leo up at 6.30 am so he has time for a shower before school and didn't think about that they are going to the bath-house so he's showering there, so he could stay in bed for another 30 minutes. Insted I went to wake up J and stayed in bed longer than I planed. But its so nice to curl up against him.

Today after my internship I'm taking the bus to the store and then home to drop everything off. After that there is a parent-teacher conference with Maja. I already know that everything is fine but it's one of those things where you as a parent just have to do it. That means that I won't have time to do laundry today but so be it. I got the whole weekend later to do it.

We went to bed late so I'm not too fresh today. So I hope I have time after to curl up on the couch. I did it yesterday but the phone kept ringing and buzzing so I didn't get much rest. Better luck today.

Yesterday Maja was shopping for presents with my aunt. My aunt couldn't come when we celebrated Majas birthday so they went down town yesterday insted. Maja picked three books and some felt pens.

Today my case worker comes to my internship as well. He does it every wednesday. I think it's a bit to often, we don't have that much to talk about when everything is going just fine. I don't think anyone else would come to the meeting either. I do need to inform him on when I'm taking my summer leave so I guess I'll do that today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shit happens

What a bad start this day was. Up when the alarm went off and wake up Leo so he has time for a shower before school. Then back in to the bedroom to wake up J. Curl up close to him and I fall a sleep! I wake up when he gets up to get a shower and thinking that I will only stay one more minute, falls back to sleep and wakes up 7.30 am. Then there was no time to sit at the computer. Since J was in the shower I couldn't get ready then so I rolled a pack of cigarets while I waited. When he was done I got in there and made myself ready and then it was time to go.

After my internship I took the bus to the grocery store, then home to start get everything done. A never ending job. Once you are done it's time to start all over again. But now I'm waiting for the laundry to be done so I can hang it and then I'm done for today. I should vaccum but it has to wait until tomorrow. I'm always the most tired on tuesdays for some reason so when the laundry is done I'm gonna curl up on the couch under the blanket for a while.

Later there isn't much to do. The usual with cooking and doing the dishes. Oh how I long for a dishwasher. I'm so tired of doing the dishes. And it doesn't get any better when you are short and has to stand in some weird position, my back doesn't like that. It's worst when I do the dishes after dinner when there are so many thing, after breakfast it's not that much and goes fast. Not to mention how dry my hands are since I suck at using hand lotion.

Monday, April 25, 2016


I had totaly misunderstood everything yesterday. It was Girls 04 that went on to the playoffs and Maja played with Girls 05. But the whole team were there to cheer them on, and cheered them on to a silver. Maja called me and told me that Girls 04 had made it to the finals. And as I said, they got a silver. Me, I had sooo much fun doing everything I didn't have time to do this weekend. I'm still behind on laundry so I know what I will do this week.

Maja and J are still sleeping, they get to sleep in on mondays. Some people are lucky. Leo are in the kitchen having breakfast. He has a cough but no fever and is kind of the same so he will go to school. But with a note saying he will nog be in gym class today. He would never make it. So we'll see if they call from school saying he needs to come home but I don't think so. He is not that bad, then he would have gotten to stay home if I thought he couldn't make it.

This afternoon I will be doing laundry as I said and take care of the apartment. Even though I was cleaning until dinner yesterday it's still stuff that needs to be done. So I'll do it while the laundry machine is going. If I'm lucky I'll have time to curl up on the couch for a while, didn't go to sleep until midnight last night. So right now I'm looking forward to coffee at work a bit extra. I will need it today.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A day without basketball

It went really well for Maja yesterday, their team only lost one game and won the other two so that means that they got a spot in the playoffs. But in the afternoon Leo started feeling ill so Maja had to go to the last game without us, her coach was nice enough to come get her and Kalle took her home. Leo felt so bad that he went to bed at 8 pm without protest. He got some cough medicine so he could sleep.

This morning it was time to get up at 6.30 am and we got up without any trouble. Since Leo was feeling ill it was only Maja who left with Kalle, the rest of us stayed at home. So when I got her up and made sure she was getting ready I got back in to bed again and went back to sleep. I woke up when J put his arm around me, the best way to wake up.

Today I will do everything I didn't have time to do this weekend because of all the games. Like doing laundry and going to the grocery store. We have lived of left overs since there haven't been any time to go to the store or cook. But now it will be nice with a normal day. These weekends wear you out. Lucky it's only once a year.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

When you can't oversleep

Ouch what a start this day got. My alarm didn't sound, the alarm clock was dead, so I woke up when Kalle called and was outside and it was time to go. So up, wake up the munchkins, grab some clothes and a bag of apples. But we made it in time and lucky for the kids Kalle had a lot with him to eat and he shared that with the kids.

The game yesterday went great, the won big time. The game this morning didn't go that good. The whole team was out of focus and as a result the lost big time. Then it was a few hours left until the next game at 12.30 pm so we went home. I have some stuff to do before we leave. Like doing the dishes that I didn't have time to do yesterday. Depending on how the next game goes we will know if they will play another game, if they make it to the playoffs. I'm kind of a terrible mom, and hate this weekend, so I'm almost hoping that they wont make it. And if they do it won't be where they play now, that is close to where we live. If they do we will have to take the bs down town, and I like to avoid that because they aren't that many buses on the weekends.

A nice surprice for the kids yesterday at the opening ceremony was that their grandfather came. I knew that he had been thinking about it, but we didn't decide on anything so I didn't tell the kids. But when we stood and watched the performances I looked around and there he was. But we didn't stay for the whole ceremony, sleep was more importand, and specially for Maja so she would be fit for fight today. So when we came home around 9 pm it was straight to bed for the munchkins. Me and J went to bed to watch Greys Anatomy before we went to sleep, but I was so tired that I ended up falling a sleep on his shoulder at the end of the episode.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Time again!

Oh no, it's that time of year again. Time for the Eem cup in basketball. Swedens biggest basketball cup, and of course Majas team are in it. Which means that it's gonna be basketball around the clock this weekend. I hate it! One game here or there I don't mind but now it really is around the clock. Early mornings and late nights all weekend. Today they will meet up at 1.30 pm for the first game. Lucky for me they only have one game today. Then after it ends we will go home and get something for a quick dinner, then down town for the official opening ceremony at 8 pm and it ends at 9.30 pm. Then it's just home and go to bed because tomorrow the alarm sounds at 6 am. Like I said, I hate it.

But before then we are gonna spend the day at the internship. It will be fine. Yesterday the boss wanted to talk to me, she was wondering how I felt it was going and stuff like that and I took the change to ask her about my vacation. I can take it when ever I want so I took weeks 28, 29, 30, 31. The first week the kids are away with their dad so it will just be me and J. At first I was gonna work that week but then I thought that it can be nice with some alone time just him and me without the kids.

After the internship I'm going to the store before I go home and wait for Leo to quit. After that Kalle is coming to pick us up and takes us to the first game. Or we would never be there on time. Plus we are at a new place and I don't know the way.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Soo tired

Today it was really hard getting up, it took 45 minutes. It was so much more nice to stay in bed with J so I rather did that. But eventually it was time to get up.

Today it's the usual here at home. First my internship, and I would rather be in bed even though I like it there. Then the bus to the internship, get something for dinner and then home and take care of things. If I'm lucky I will have time to curl up on the couch, I'm guessing I will be really tired this afternoon. But I only have myself to blame when we went to bed kind of late.

At first we watched two episodes of Sons of Anarchy, then we talked for a long time and then it was late. So when we went to bed it was after midnight and then the alarm sounded at 6:30 am. No, then you are tired. I can't wait for tonight when it's time to get in to bed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A time off

I called the school yesterday morning and talked to Leos teacher and she was verry upset and promised to deal with it right now, she would talk to both Leo and the kids that are picking on him. It felt good that she took it like that. So when Leo came home I asked him how school was and it had been good. How nice! And K had talked to the psychologist and they are gonna send home an appointment so he can come and talk to someone.

After my internship I went to the drugstore to buy some oil for my nails and omg how expensive it was. 109 SEK for a tiny bottle of oil. But since I don't want my nails to fall off I just payed and looked happy. Then I went to the grocery store and got what we needed for dinner and then back home to do what needed to be done at home. I even had time to curl up on the couch before J came over.

Today we are having a day off. The school is closed and so are the community youth center so Leo didn't have anywhere to go when I was at my internship. So we took day at home. When I got out of bed the water was turned off so no morning coffee for me, I'm having it now insted when the water came back. Then it's time for a shower before I'm going to the grocery store and find something for dinner. Then it's the every day stuff like doing the laundry, dishes and so on. Oh god, a dish washer is on the top of my wish list.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

When your heart breaks

Today it was hard getting up so I curled up with J for a while. That did that I missed some time but what does that matter? What I don't have time to do today I will do when I get home.

Yesterday when I was going to the store the munchkins dad called me, he wanted to talk about Leo. Leo had done something when he was there. He had said to Maja that he wanted to cut himself on a piece of glas he had found on the playground. And he have punched himself hard in the face before. And he says that sometimes he wants to die, and they pick at him in school. My little boy, my heart is breaking! So K had called and talked to a psychologist before he talked to me. And he was gonna call them again to make an appointment when we had talked but they didn't answer so he is gonna call them again today. I'm gonna call the school and they will have to fix this, if needed they will be with Leo all times in school to make sure nothing happens.

When Leo came home I told him that his dad had called and what we talked about. Leo then told me that in gym class someone had thrown his socks in the shower, so he didn't have any on him when he got home. That thing isn't suposed to happen! Where are all the adults and why hasn't anyone seen anything? I'm gonna call the school this morning and book an appointment with the teacher, me and K as soon as possible. This is something they have to figure out, everyone should feel safe at school. I can fight as much as I have to with anyone to make sure that Leo is safe in school. 

I told Leo that his dad and I are gonna do everything we can to make sure that he is ok and that school is good. But for that to happen he needs to talk to us and other adults in school when something happens even if it's hard. But that we are here and we love him and would do anything for him.

Today after the internship I'm going to get some nail oil. I need it to make sure they don't fall off, and I don't whant them to do that. Then it's the bus to the store and get what I need for dinner and then home to do laundry and some cleaning. I'm gonna try and get some time to curl up on the couch because I'm exhausted after yesterday. I tried to rest yesterday but there where thousands of thoughts in my head so I couldn't find peace to do that. So I'll try again today.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sunday cuddle

Nope, I did not sit down with a book yesterday. Insted I did something much better, I curled up with J in bed while he was playing with his xbox he has taken here. It was nicer to be in his arms than on the couch with a book. And I didn't do everything at home either, I still got the dishes left for today.

When he was done playing his xbox he went to the grocery store and then it was back in bed to watch two episodes of Sons of Anarchy. We ended the evening with a remake of the movie Evil Dead. Lilith was soooo scared, I scare so easy haha. I can strongly recomend it if you like horror movies!

I'm sitting here waiting for it to be 8 am, because then Leo would come and get his clothes for gym class, he forgot them on friday when he was packing to go to his dad. So he called yesterday to see if I was gonna be home. My love, it was so great to hear his voice. I miss them so much when they are with their dad.

But today is monday, and they are coming home! It's the best feeling in the world, nothing can beat it. To finally see their faces again and curl up on the couch and listen to their voices.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

An easy sunday

Yesterday I got a terrible headache that just wouldn't go away. It went all the way from the forehead back to the neck. It just got worse and worse so I gave up and we went to bed. At 11 pm on a saturday, with no kids at home. I went to sleep with Js arm around me, the best way to go to sleep. But it took some time with that headache. But eventually I could go to sleep.

The good thing with going to bed that early is that you wake up early the next morning, around 10 am today. Then we stayed in bed and cuddled for a while before we got up and I made coffee.

Everything with the Swedish blog isn't done I discovered. Even though I have the same adress the new posts won't show up on Bloglvin so I have e-mailed their support. After a lot of work I at least got the new posts to show on the blogs fb page so one more thing to check of the list.

Today will be an easy day, I don't have to much to do. The every day stuff like do the dishes and stuff like that. The laundry isn't dry yet so I can't deal with that until tomorrow. I could vaccum but I feel like rather curl up on the couch with a book. Which I plan to do every day but never do. I can hear the books calling me from the bookshelfs but can't find the peace to just sit down.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's finally up!

Oh God how nice it was to get a good, long sleep. J woke me up and we cuddled for a while. Then I managed to get back to sleep when he went in the shower and woke up again when he was done.

Yesterday I got everything done after my internship plus I had time to change the sheets so I didn't have to do that when I got home. Lucky for me I did because the nails took 2½ hours to et done. But they turned out great so it was worth it. I'm gonna keep using that design for a while. But I got so tired sitting there getting spoiled.

When I got home I waitied for Linda to get ready and then we started to switch blogs. It took a bit longer than I expected because first I had to call Binero to remove so the adress didn't point to blogger where the old blog is, then I had to call them again to start up everything. Then the page wouldn't load so I had to call them again and they told me that it could take up to three hours. Wheee! It didn't take that long, but long enough. Then I could finally start. Get the design up and running, fix all the plugins and all that behind the scene stuff that people can't see but makes it easier for me. All and all it took about an hour. I'm not all done, among other things the pages is gonna get ready for phones because most of my readers reads from their phone and now it looks bad when you do. 

Besides that I don't have much to do today. I'm gonna do laundry, the sheets I changed yesterday and the carpet for the bathroom. It attracts all the fuzz so you have to wash it all the time. J just left but will come back later. Then we will cuddle in bed with our tv shows. Until then I will find something to do but I don't think I will change from my pyjamas today. Maybe to put on my sweatpants and Js hoodie.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Finally time

We went to bed early last night, really early to be us. At 10 pm we were getting ready for bed and when it was 11 pm we were sleeping. I don't think that has ever happen before. I woke up around 3 am and went up for a smoke and then back to bed and slept good until the alarm sounded. Got up and I'm not feeling that tired.

Friday today and the kids are going to their dad for the weekend. It will be so quiet and boring at home. I'm never getting used to it. Lucky for me the weekend goes by so quick and then it's monday again and they are coming home.

I'm finally getting my nails done as well. I have an appointment today at 2 pm so after the internship I'm taking the bus to the store, then home and fix with some papers and then off I go again. I need to be leaving early because I'm not sure where I'm going. I know kind of where it is.

Then it's back home again and do all the stuff that needs to be done hre. Among other things I'm gonna put on clean sheets. I can't wait for tonight when I get to go to bed, there is nothing better then go to bed with clean sheets..

If I'm lucky we'll get the new swedish blog up and running today. Yes, I'm writing we, because Linda is the one who will help me with everything from getting a web host to getting the new design in place. The design is almost ready, just a few small details left like getting the time to show the time as well, and the header doesn't want to show in full when you are reading from your phone. But we will get it up and running even if the header problem isn't worked out. We just need the header to show in full on the computer.

I think I will spend a lot of time here tonight

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy birthday!

The boss was double booked yesteryday so she couldn't be at the meeting with my case worker. Insted one of the teamleaders was with us and he only had good things to say. And when my case worker told him that in the fall it's time to talk about employment he thought it sounded good. I was so happy!

After I was done I took the bus to the store and got what I needed and then home and do what needed to be done there. I did two loads of laundry and fixed the balcony after they painted it before I crashed on the couch and went to sleep for an hour. Maja was at her practice and Leo was with a friend so it was so quiet at home. I wasn't even thinking about going to sleep, I was just gonna lay down and watch some tv. But then I fell a sleep.

Today it's first the internship and then the store. I need to think about something to eat. At home it's not that much to do but I think I'll do som laundry. As always.

Maja has  basketball practice today as well so it will only be me and Leo at home. We'll see if J will be eating here today, he did yesterday. It depends on when he's coming.

And today my little girl has her birthday. 12 years old! How could that happen? It was only yesterday she was a little girl that wanted to sleep in my bed every night and now she only has one year left until she is a teenager.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

When everything goes wrong.

Today it went a whole lot easier to get up. It can have something to do with us turning the tv off at 10 pm and started getting ready for bed. Then it took some time to get in to bed but that's another thing.

Since Maja went to her dad for a few hours yesterday and Leo was away with Kalle I curled up on the couch for a nap. It was a really crappy day yesterday, everything went wrong. I had such pms that I felt like crying all day, my thumb nail broke (lucky for me I have an appointment friday), I almost forgot my bag with my bus pass and the key to work, I cut myself on a box how ever that happend, I forgot to take my usual shoes to work and took the boots insted. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The only thing to do then is to take a nap and hope that it's better when I wake up. And it was. Leo came home and has gotten a new phone number at the Telenorstore, since his old card wasn't registered they couldn't se a puk-code so they gave him a new sim-card insted.

Today I have a meeting with my case worker, the boss will be there as well. What ever she will say since she has been on vacation for two weeks. But I'm nervous. What if she isn't happy with me. I hope she is and that I get to stay. I don't think she will say something bad, but of course you worry. It's her opinion that counts the most.

Then when I'm done for the day I'm taking the bus to the grocery store and get something for dinner, don't know what yet. Then home and take care of the home. I need to clean, fix the balcony that I didn't care about yesterday, do laundry that I didn't care about doing yesterday, and just pick up stuff and clean. If I have any time I will read, my books that I was gonna mail the company about finally came so now I have a whole book series to read.

My thumb nail

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

To start a phone

We went to bed at a reasonable time last night and yet I'm still tired. But at least I'm not seeing double like yesterday when I got up. I guess that's good.

Yesterday I was busy when I got home after the internship. I did two loads of laundry, cleaned, did the dishes and went to the grocery store. But I did get to sleep on the couch, I needed it. I woke up when J sat down beside me. At first I thought I was dreaming but it was him. I wondered why he hadn't called on the door phone but it was open so he had gotten in anyway. 

I'm gonna try to find time to sleep on the couch today as well, I still have laudry to take care of. I was supposed to do four loads yesterday but only did two since I fell a sleep, so the other two are left for today.

But first I need to go down town to drop of some papers. The bus are going straight down there and it takes only a minute to go from the bus to the office. I would like to get my money, I have about 1000 SEK I'm getting back for the buss and medicine. I'm gonna need those money for May when there are lots of birthdays, three if I'm counted right.

Today Kalle will go with Leo to Tuna Park. It keeps popping up on Leos phone that he has to put in his puk-code and that paper he has lost, of course. So Kalle will go with him to the Telenor store and we'll see if they can fix it, they are good at that store.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Sooo tired

I went back to sleep yesterday after I have blogged. I was just gonna lay in bed and watch while J was playing on his xbox and the kids were going outside so Maja could use her inlines with Kalle. I layed in bed and was gonna watch for a moment and went right back to sleep. Then I slept for an hour or so. I guess I needed it.

When I woke up I got ready and then we went to the store. We met Kalle and the munchkins outside so they came with us. Then Kalle came up for a coffee before he went home.

I got everything done yesterday but not the laundry. It had to wait until today insted. I'll do that when I get home from my internship. It's not like it will go away.

J spent the afternoon playing on his xbox with Maja. He was just home to get another hand control for his xbox. While he was away I emptied the balcony and the closet. It was kind of quick, about 10 minutes.

Today I wasn't happy when the alarm sounded, I did not want to get up. Insted I just wanted to curl up against J and go back to sleep. But it was just to get up and look happy. But I'm so tired I can almost not keep my eyes open. But now it's time to get ready.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

A not so quiet sunday

What a great day we had yesterday, Maja was so happy! And that what it's all about. She got great gifts too. Inlines and protection, an android figure that is a speaker to her phone, money and more money, a gift card, shorts and a pretty necklace. The only bad thing was how it ended. She had a little to much to eat so she threw up. It's not the first time that that happend so I thought she had learned, but no. First they had Chinese with Kalle for lunch and then all that sweet stuff, it was just to much for her.

Today I had planned a quiet day until I got two letters in the mail at the end of the week. The first one was that they are coming to adjust the termostat so I have to empty the closet so they can get to it, and the other thing is that they are painting the wood on the balcony so I have to empty the balcony. Oh well, then I know what I'm doing today. Plus all that every day stuff you have to do. Then I need to think of something to eat and go to the store. And laundry. It's not like I will just sitt there today.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Birtday party

I first woke up at 6.30 am, when I get up on the weekdays. Went up for a smoke and then back to bed and back to sleep and then I slept untill 11 am.

Oh God what I worked hard yesteryday. 30 minutes was all the time I had to sit down. I cleaned all the counters in the kitchen and the kitchen table, vaccumed and scrubed all the floors, picked up trash everywhere and got one garbage disposal bag and a paper bag, cooked and did the dishes twice. Maja baked and whiped the kitchen after her and soaked everything. She has gotten so big to do all that now.

Today is her birthday party. I need to wrap her gifts which I forgot yesterday, go to the grocery store and do the dishes. And of course make myself ready. Maja was happy when J promised he will be here for her party. It will be the first time he meets my mom, he has already met all the others. For now he is in the shower getting himself ready.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday feeling

I was so tired today as well when the alarm started to sound. So when that happend I stayed in bed for a while. To be in bed next to J is the best that is. Nothing is better than that.

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom so now there isn't much that needs to be done here. I'm gonna vaccum and scrub the floors. That's it. Then we are ready for saturday and Majas birthdayparty.

But before I can do all of that I have a day at my internship that I need to do. I like it so much there and it feels like I'm in the right place. Sure, not everything is super fun, but when is it ever? But if you look at the big picture it's fun and that is what makes it worth it to get up early every morning.

Morning coffee at the internship

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Almost done

Today it was hard getting up, God how I'm longing for the weekend and sleeping in. I just want to sleep!

The meeting with my case worker yesteryday went great. With us was my supervisor for the archive and she was more than happy. She thinks that I'm quick to learn and it's easy for me to understand. I think Lilith was sitting there and looking really happy. Next week the boss are gonna be with us, it will be fun to see what she has to ssay.

When I got home I cleaned the tiles over the stove and then the stove. And then I spilled it again when I was cooking. Just like me. So I had to clean it again.

The rest of the afternoon I spent reading, I didn't sleep on the couch. I got stuck in a biography and was sitting there until it was time to start dinner.

Today it's the bathroom that will be getting my attention. I'm not looking forward to it, lucky for me it's easy to clean. Then I'm pretty much done with everything that I need to get done, only the floors left and I will do them on friday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When dealing with an idiot

God, this morning it was hard to get out of bed. I stayed there for 15 minutes before I got up. The nicest 15 minutes in a long time.

I went through the curtains yesterday, finally. It went fast. I kept two pairs and the other ones went back in the garbage disposal bags. Mom  wanted back the ones I didn't want so they went down in the basement until she can get them. I also cleared out the box with the shelf for the bathroom and some other stuff and threw out what I didn't wanna keep. So now the living room is cleared.

Today I will get to work on the kitchen. The tiles over the stove needs a good scrubbing, it looks terrible. Then most of the stuff is done here. If I'm lucky I will have time to curl up on the couch for a while. I didn't do that yesterday because I got stuck with my nose in a book. That was nice, and a long, long time since I last did it. There I stayed until it was time to make dinner.

I got a text from the munchkins dad last night. Now he has booked their summer vacation but ouuuups it was my weekend so can he take them? Don't you check those things before you book it? That would be the normal thing to do, but he doesn't. It was that whole communication thing. Of course I will let the munchkins go, that's not it. It's just so disrespectful to just book everything before he talked to me to see if it's ok that he takes them. He doesn't know what I have planned for the summer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The good news continues

Yesterday on the breakfast break when we were talking the branch head (I think she is) Pia said that they were thinking of sending me on a training course for the archive and the system. That it looks like I will stay and it's a good investment for them if I learn everything. I was so happy, that must mean that they are happy with me. Those courses aren't cheap and that they want to send me on one is a good sign.

After the internship I went home to clean all the kitchen cabinets doors. Oh my lord how boring it is. But the end result was good. I got a whole new kitchen. God help the one that spills anything on them now. But I cheated and didn´t do the tops of the cabinets that are over the sink, it wasn't anything there. Didn't feel like taking a chair and climb up and down. So I just took the worst.

Today I will go through the curtains I got from my mom so I finally can remove the garbage disposal bags that's in the living room. They have been there for a while so it's about time. And I will get rid of the old shelf for the bathroom that is in a box and taking up space in the living room. I need to do a little every day so I'm finished for saturday.

Then we have the every day stuff like laundry, cleaning and grovery shopping. I need to think of something to eat. Before I leave. But I still have time, I don't leave  until 8.30 am. J is having a coffee. I played nice girlfriend and made coffee while he was in the shower. I just woke up the munchkins and no it's getting time to get ready and do what needs to be done before it's time to leave.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally monday

God, how nice we had it yesterday. I didn't pay attention at all to my phone, the comuter and so on and we spent the day in bed cuddling and watching tv shows. It showed on my phone battery when we finally went to sleep, it was almost full. J was just home for a short while to get what he needed for school today and then he came back. During that I had some dinner and then it was back to bed.

Unfortunately there were a big discussion when we were gonna sleep. It didn´t have to be a big deal but as usual J exploded and then it was a big deal. And I can't take it any more, that you can't talk about something without him getting all pissed of and then it's an argument. You should be able to talk to eachother about things that botter you. But it all worked out, we never go to sleep mad, but it's stressfull that it has to come to that every thime.

Monday and it's back to the internship after a long, great weekend. But what it's great is that the kids are coming home! What can be wrong with it being monday then? So after the internetship I need to put on some fresh sheets in their beds. I went grocery shopping on friday so I don't have to do that.

Then I'm thinking of cleaning the kitchen cabinets doors this afternoon. I have been slacking with the home since the internship started so now I feel that I need to get going. I just hope I feel the same this afternoon.

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