Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hard decisions

It was hard getting up this morning. So hard that I went back to sleep as soon as I turned off the alarm. I have been so tired the whole week but don't know why. I need the weekend.

We had a meeting with my boss yesterday and it went great, and not so great. The good thing is that they want to hire me when my mentor retires in the end of September. The bad thing is that it's not full time, only 60% and I won't be able to live on that kind of money. I have to talk to my case worker about that next wednesday. And May 25th we are having another meeting with my boss so I guess we'll talk about it with her as well. I hope we can figure something out so I get to be there full time because I like that place a lot. But I have to be able to pay my bills too.

I went to a parent-teacher conference with Maja yesterday and as always it was all good. She is between 85% - 100% in all classes but gym class. There they are still going by how well they could swim in third grade and she had a hard time with learning how to swim. I think they should be going by what she has done this semester but I guess not.

Today I got a lot to do at home, I was to tired to do it yesterday because I got home late from the parent-teacher conference. I can't wait for tonight when the kids have gone to bed so I can curl up in bed with J and watch some tv shows, be close and just let go of everything I'm thinking about with money and all that.

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